Your partners in firm marketing improvement.

We’re a collective of growth-focused consultancy marketing experts, here to help you succeed.

Plus… we know how you feel.

Marketing a firm or practice sure can be an uphill battle:

Semi-clear objectives, conflicting business priorities, and a, uh, often not very favorable view of the marketing function can get in the way of driving effective campaigns even on the best of days day.

But… they don’t have to (trust us on this!).

We’ve spent over 10 years helping marketers in larger – and: very large – consultancies overcome these challenges, cut through the clutter, and drive faster growth through increased impact.

Now, we bring our business savvy, story skills, and industry experience to your next effort.

Where we focus:

Client Friendly works with marketers in mid-sized and large consultancies (think: ~60 plus professionals), and specializes in:

What we’ve built:

To deliver the above, we’ve compiled all our expertise and experience into a four-step process full of best-practices, frameworks, and templates:

1. Realign

Practices and workshop formats designed to devise (and get buy-in into) growth marketing methods.

2. Refine

Frameworks and templates for improving strategic segmentation, positioning, and messaging.

3. Prepare

Processes for creating marketing funnels, plans, tests/campaigns and reports/scorecards.

4. Improve

Best-practices for executing and improving content, channels, distribution, and reporting.

Who we are:

Florian Heinrichs

Founder, CEO, senior strategy consultant

Florian spent a decade marketing professional services firms – both as an agency-side consultant as well as in-house. Now, he brings his strategy, messaging, and planning skills to our client projects.

Christian Amthor

Friend of the firm, lead designer

A seasoned CI, CD, and UI design expert, Christian brings more than 20 years’ worth of experience in designing brand identities, webs, apps, and print products for consulting, IT, and other businesses.

Mathias Herrmann

Friend of the firm, senior strategy consultant

A PR- and marketing expert with over ten years of experience in consulting professional services firms. An expert in messaging and thought leadership, Mathias helps clients with their content programs.

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